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"My granddaughter Holly begged to play the violin when she was only 6 years old.  I chose Sarah Stenbakken to be Holly's teacher.  Holly has always been so fond of Sarah and she loves going to her lessons.  Sarah  has a magnetic personality, is very positive in her attitude toward everyone from small children to adults, and is an extremely qualified teacher.  Her teaching is in a positive manner, never negative, and so the student strives to learn and increase their skills.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wishes to learn and play the violin or viola."

~ Vivian

Denver, CO

"When I interviewed violin teachers for my children four years ago, I knew instantly that Sarah would be a good fit for our family.  Her warmth and enthusiasm are amazing and she has kept my children motivated to learn over the last four years.  Other music teachers comment on my children’s wonderful posture and technique, superb rate of progress, and high level of discipline.  We owe it all to Sarah!  Ethan and Emily say it best:  “We like taking lessons with Ms. Sarah because she is sweet, she loves to help, and she knows how to help.  We like her fun games, flexibility and high expectations.  Everyone should take lessons with Ms. Sarah!”


Denver, CO

"Our daughters have shown a tremendous amount of progress since taking lessons with Ms. Sarah. She is fun to work with and our daughters enjoy the lessons a lot!"


Highlands Ranch, CO

"Sarah is really good with explaining difficult concepts to kids at their level. I also really enjoy that she teaches my son traditional songs from our culture which he can play at community festivals."


Highlands Ranch, CO

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